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October 10, 2023

Boekelo 2023  CCI-4*L

I am unbelievably proud of Sportsfield Freelance and Laura Collett and what they achieved at Boekelo this week. It was a huge ask, given that Laura only sat on her for the first time a month ago and has since just had two runs and jumped her about five times! While on-paper she may have been mid-field, it was an immense achievement from both of them. Penny looked total class and had a brilliant experience for her first time at 4*L level. I'm hoping to be back to try and qualify her for Paris in the Spring, she looked so at ease even with a rider she didn’t know very well!

Sportsfield Freelance and Laura Collett at Boekelo 2023

I trust her completely! I've been riding her at home with my broken arm since June (one-handed!), and she went to Laura’s yard a week before Boekelo, only deciding to go two weeks ago. While I had been keeping her training and galloping up during the summer in the hope that I could return to ride her myself, we didn’t know if she was going to be fully fit enough.

Sportsfield Freelance and Laura Collett at Boekelo 2023

If they had managed to fit in one more run together, I think it would have been fine to go for the time cross country but with such limited preparation, it was better for her future that she had a confident and educational run with a few time, finishing a happy horse. She flew through the finish and gave Laura the feel of a championship horse! I’ve always believed in her, but to hear it from someone of Laura’s experience and calibre is so exciting for next year.

Sportsfield Freelance and Laura Collett at Boekelo 2023

Her dressage was super, with just a few little mistakes to lie just outside the top ten, and is improving all the time. While on-paper her show-jumping wasn’t the perfect result, with three down near the end of the course, she came out super on the last day and it was a lovely round. She is such a new and different ride for Laura being small and blood it was a huge ask as a new partnership.

Sportsfield Freelance and Laura Collett at Boekelo 2023

The most important thing is how fresh and happy she came out on the last day. Laura rode her beautifully and looked after her so well! I was so glad we took the plunge and decided to run her. It will bring her on so much for next year!

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