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Our Sponsors

We are very grateful to our sponsors who help us to achieve the best for our horses.


Bucas design, create and make high performance horse rugs and related equestrian products.

Bucas is the name which is synonymous with technical equine rugs and for good reason too! They pride themselves in creating a collection of technical horse rugs to ensure that your horse is suitably dressed no matter what the weather or occasion throws at you. Thus this great tradition of pioneering "intelligent" horse rugs continues and their product range today includes a greater choice of high performance products than ever before.


Caviera Bedding

Caviera horse bedding is the newest premium quality horse bedding supplier in the UK. Manufactured from carefully controlled straw based fibres, Caviera Bedding are the ultimate in low dust, high absorption bedding that is supportive and comfortable for your horse.

The Caviera horse bedding range offers a unique and natural bedding solution made from sustainable crops, providing a more cost effective and more absorbent bedding for horses than conventional straw or wood shavings.


Flair Equine Nasal Strips

Developed by veterinarians, FLAIR Strips are drug-free, self adhesive nasal strips that promote optimum health of equine athletes, in all disciplines and every level of competition. The Strips gently support the soft tissues over the nasal passages (the narrowest part of the upper airway) and reduce resistance and improve airflow when your horse needs oxygen most.


Gain Equine Nutrition

Gain Equine Nutrition is an Irish based animal feed specialist that provides nutritional feeding solutions to all sectors of the equine industry. Ranges include; Sport and Leisure, Specialised, Racing and Breeding, with products suitable for all equine requirements. 

Quality Nutrition and Performance are the cornerstones of the GAIN Equine Nutrition ethos, from the sourcing of raw materials and testing, right through to the delivery of the finished product.

GAIN Equine Nutrition is the official feed consultant to Team Ireland Equestrian.


Kevin Bacons

Kevin Bacons is manufactured in Belgium and used widely across Europe, and the rest of the world. The Kevin Bacons Hoof Dressing was formulated originally by vets, homeopaths and chemists to assist a horse which was suffering from an avulsion fracture of the front right heel Following in depth research the 100% natural and traditional product based on animal fat, vegetable oil and fresh bay leaves was formed.

Kevin Bacon is the Australian internationally renowned show jumper- he represented Australia at the 1964, 1968 and 1976 Olympics. In 2000 he was awarded the Australian Sports Medal for his equestrian achievements. Upon discovering the marvellous qualities of the hoof dressing, he offered his name to the product and the Kevin Bacon's brand was born. 


Mervue Equine

Mervue Laboratories is the privately owned Nutritional products division of Inform Nutrition Ireland established in 1986.

We specialise in Equine Nutritional Products, Camel Nutritional Products and Canine & Feline Nutritional Products.

Mervue Laboratories is a market leader in research based nutraceutical products. The success of Mervue Laboratories is based on research, development and of manufacturing the highest quality products.


Tredstep Ireland

Tredstep Ireland is a company dedicated to tradition but ever receptive to innovation, bringing to the rider an enduring love of the horse, making the pursuit of excellence an absolute imperative.



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