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Our Sponsors

We are very grateful to our sponsors who help us to achieve the best for our horses.

Gain Equine Nutrition

GAIN Equine Nutrition is an Irish-based animal feed specialist with quality nutrition and performance, cornerstones of the GAIN Equine Nutrition ethos.

A global leader in equine nutrition and the official feed consultant to Team Ireland Equestrian, GAIN feeds are an essential part of many top trainers/breeders/riders' success.

Aoife says, "Gain has been a huge support in my career, not just in quality of feed and the range they offer but also the invaluable support and knowledge that goes with it. 

Fuelling each horse to maximise their individual performance is so important. I trust Gain and their team 100% to help me achieve this. Also Irish and proud to be market leaders in their field." 



Bucas is a name synonymous with high-performance equine rugs and related equestrian products. 

Being at the forefront of innovation, Bucas has developed a product range that today includes more choice of high-performance products than ever before. 

Aoife says, "I have been using Bucas rugs for over 10 years. I am always impressed with the performance in fit, technicality, and durability. Highly innovative and technically advanced, they are also Irish to boot!

For me they are without doubt the best on the market." 


Mervue Equine

Mervue Laboratories is the privately owned nutritional products division of Inform Nutrition Ireland, established in 1986.

Specialising in Equine Nutritional Products, Camel Nutritional Products and Canine & Feline Nutritional Products.

Mervue Laboratories success is based on research, development and manufacturing of the highest quality products.

Aoife says, "I love being supported by Mervue, such an intelligent and innovative company within the supplements industry. And Irish (common theme here!) They not only produce the highest quality and researched products, but also put their resources to use during COVID to produce millions of bottles of hand sanitiser for HSE, Defence Forces and Tulsa. Big thumbs up!"


Caviera Bedding

Caviera horse bedding is a premium horse bedding supplier in the UK. 

Manufactured from carefully controlled straw-based fibres, Caviera Bedding is the ultimate in low-dust, high-absorption natural bedding that is supportive and comfortable for your horse.

Aoife says, "The best bedding I have used for low dust, low maintenance, and high comfort and absorbency. The horses and team at home approve too!"


Tredstep Ireland

Tredstep Ireland is a company dedicated to tradition but ever receptive to innovation, bringing to the rider an enduring love of the horse, making the pursuit of excellence an absolute imperative.

Aoife says, "Style, Quality, Design, Comfort. Tredstep ticks all the boxes."


Flair Equine Nasal Strips

Developed by veterinarians, FLAIR Strips are drug-free, self-adhesive nasal strips that promote the optimum health of equine athletes. 

The Strips gently support the soft tissues over the nasal passages (the narrowest part of the upper airway), reducing resistance and improving airflow when your horse needs oxygen most.

Aoife says, "Every opportunity to maximise performance matters, and I feel that using Flair Strips on my horses achieves this. Easy to use and proven to work, they are an integral part of my competition and training routine."



Uvex is a global partner on the international elite sports scene, providing equipment for more than 1,000 top athletes. 

Whether you are a professional athlete or recreational rider, uvex is a brand that provides unparalleled equestrian style and safety. Both riding helmets and gloves combine maximum protection, perfect fit and sophisticated design. 

Aoife says, "I love Uvex helmets for everyday riding as they are so light while still offering great protection. I also love, and live in their gloves!" 



Veredus, an Italian brand founded in the 90s, is a manufacturer of equestrian equipment, riding accessories and are world leaders in high-end equestrian sport equipment.

Veredus's root of success comes from their scrupulous attention to raw materials, the use of the most advanced technologies and an obsessive attention to details. 

Aoife says, "Veredus have a huge range of top quality products, but to single out one, their cross country boots are unrivalled in my opinion. The design and protection offered is exceptional, and they don't slip. Top Marks."


Kevin Bacons

Kevin Bacon's is a family business known for making a 100% laurel hoof dressing artisanally since 1984. The Kevin Bacon's Hoof Dressing was formulated originally by vets, homeopaths and chemists following in depth research.

Kevin Bacon's now produce multiple high quality products that are manufactured in Belgium and widely used across Europe and the rest of the world. 

Aoife says, "Their products keep my horses' hooves healthy and are a top quality product. Highly recommended."

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